Comparing 2010 polls

Comparison of final pre-election polls and actual election returns – U.S. Senate

Sponsor Date Sample Result Error
WashPoll 28-Oct RV Murray + 4 0.4
YouGov 30-Oct RV Murray + 5 0.6
YouGov 30-Oct LV Murray + 3 1.4
Marist 28-Oct RV Murray + 3 1.4
Washpoll 28-Oct LV Murray + 6 1.6
Fox News 30-Oct LV Murray + 2 2.4
Marist 28-Oct LV Murray + 1 3.4
Survey USA 27-Oct LV Tie + 0 4.4
Rasmussen 27-Oct LV Rossi + 1 5.4
PPP 31-Oct LV Rossi + 2 6.4

Average RV Murray + 4.0 0.4
Average LV Murray + 1.3   3.1

About the WA Poll About the WA Poll

The Washington Poll is a non-partisan, academic survey research project
sponsored by the Washington Institute for the Study of Ethnicity & Race
(WISER), a research center at the University of Washington in the School of
Social Sciences. Dr. Matt A. Barreto, an associate professor of Political
Science is the director of the poll. In 2010, the poll is co-sponsored by KCTS-9
TV and KPLU radio.

The survey was administered by telephone, using college-educated, live
callers at the Center for Survey Research at the UW, and based on a
randomly selected list of phone numbers drawn from a list of registered
voters. Cell phones are included only where a voter has listed that on a
public list as their primary phone number. The final 2010 survey was in the
field from October 18 – 28, with a margin of error of 4.3%.